Virgin Tissue Paper Supply


Tissue paper is a lightweight and disposable and relatively strong paper products. The tissue paper name originates from the French word “tissue”, which meaning cloth. Tissue paper has become an important part in our daily life. Uses of this type of paper are increasing rapidly in worldwide. Overall, a person who lives in the united states uses over 25 kilograms of tissue paper per year. As like other paper products cellulose fibers is the main source of tissue paper. The fiber may be 100% virgin or 100% recycle or mixed. 100% recycled fibers are used due to environmental responsible. The main source of recycle fiber is office paper collection programs. The virgin fiber is mostly kraft fiber which is produced from soft or hard wood. High quality tissue paper is made from virgin grade of wood pulp.


The harmonized code To Buy Bathroom Tissue : 4818.10.0000 Toilet Paper or Bathroom Tissue


The UNSPSC Code Set for Tissue Paper Products:


  • Toilet Tissue Paper : 14111704
  • Facial Tissue Paper : 14111701 
  • Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Paper : 14111704
  • Bathroom Tissue Paper : 14111704


The NATO ISO Parts - National Stock Number (NSN) Index :


  • Toilet Tissue Paper : 8540-13-107-5561
  • Facial Tissue Paper : 8540-01-202-3637
  • Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Paper : 8540-13-107-5561
  • Bathroom Tissue Paper : 8540-13-107-5561

Tissue Paper also acts as a layer of protection for the hands during wiping functions. It is sold by sq. ft. as a long strip of perforated paper wrapped around a paperboard core or folded in single pieces for storage and use in a toilet paper dispenser near by a toilet. Toilet paper in the developed countries is designed to be Biodegradable and to be safe for septic systems and sewer systems, whereas other Tissue paper products, Facial tissues, and Wipe products are not.